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You're planning the big day. You've spent hours pouring over venues, floral arrangements, seating and dresses. Once you have everything worked out, you'll want to make sure every special moment from your big day is caught on camera. That's where George Palmer Photography comes in. Our wedding photography team in Washington, DC will make sure we capture the lightning in a bottle that is your wedding day.

You want to hire a wedding photographer with plenty of experience. Owner George Palmer and the other photographers on staff have years of experience. We know exactly what to look for at weddings and how to position ourselves to best document your seminal day.

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What should you do to prepare for your wedding photos?

What should you do to prepare for your wedding photos?

When you're looking into wedding photography services, you need to make sure you've worked out a few details. The professionals at George Palmer Photography in Washington, DC suggest you:

Book your wedding photographer at least nine months in advance to make sure everyone is on the same page with regard to the venue, guest list and timeline.
Make sure you have a meeting with your wedding photographer to ensure there's a connection there. This is a step we always insist on.
Figure out your venue so your photographer can know exactly what to expect. Where the wedding is held can make a world of difference with regards to the type of photography needed.

It doesn't matter what color palette you choose for your wedding, if your wedding is going to be outside in the brilliant midday sun or if you're having a small, indoor wedding with subdued lighting, George Palmer Photography can handle anything you need. Contact us right now to set up wedding photography services in the Washington, DC area.